About Us

BetMagician is uniquely designed self-learning program, which uses artificial intelligence to generate football predictions with one of the most accurate prediction rates.

The core of our system, artificial intelligence, provides the most accurate power of predictions, based on the analysis of data from our huge database. Our system processes a large amount of data with almost unmistakable precision, and that is not something that the human brain can do.

Any existing piece of data is found, statistically processed and used in the machine-generated predictions. All those traits – emotions, partiality, favoritism – which can influence the process of human prediction, do not exist in this exclusive app. Our program is constantly upgrading and improving its performance and features.

Our focus is not only on providing our users with numerous features data, in-depth stats, analysis, comparisons and accurate predictions, but we also offer investment tips and suggestions for maximum gain with minimum risks. Most importantly, our app is available on all devices.

Forget so many consuming hours of thinking, calculating and guessing. Choose a game and let our unique algorithm analyze the necessary data, calculate odds and generate the most accurate predictions for you.

No emotions, no partiality, no favoritism – the computer doesn’t make that sort of mistakes. It's just pure intelligence.

Let us step in and work our magic!